Going vintage with bathroom remodeling

Spending holidays at my grandparents’ house as a child I always envied them that beautiful, vintage freestanding bathtub with lion paws. So, when I’ve finally purchased my own house, I knew what I wanted my bathroom to look like. When I contacted company doing home remodeling in Chicago I explained, plain and simple, what my are my expectations. The guys from Roman Remodeling Contractors Chicago promptly drew plans that accommodated my needs, joking good-naturedly that I’m the first woman, who knew exactly what she wanted. But jokes aside, they did marvelous job, remodeling my bathroom and restoring the traditional look it deserved (when I moved in, it was cheap, pseudo-modern monstrosity).

Style, quality and the like

Now I have elegant, spacious interior with black and white classical tiles on the floor, painted walls and of course that dreamed of bathtub with lion paws. It doesn’t only look great but the high quality workmanship guarantees that will last for years in top shape. And on top of top of that the whole remodeling didn’t cost me an arm and leg. I’m sure that when the time will come for renewing other parts of my house, I’ll hire home Chicago remodeling contractors from Roman Remodeling Contractors.