Hardwood flooring contractors in Chicago who restore your floors

Skilled flooring contractors who will do the job

I had beautiful wooden floors in my place. Unfortunately, age and constant tear and wear stripped them of their charm. That’s when I started looking around for professional hardwood flooring contractors in Chicago. I was prepared for the replacement of the whole thing but luckily, I stumbled upon PS Floors. Guys came, had a look on the floors and decided that there was still hope for saving original wooden panels. Well, I was happy because hiring hardwood flooring contractors in Chicago for floor refinishing instead of installation was definitely cheaper. But I wanted to keep original décor of the house intact as well.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Chicago, IL

Professional floor refinishing for brand new looks

Upon deciding that refinishing was what my floors called for, flooring contractors helped me to determine what type of finish will work best. We decided that matte polyurethane will do the trick due to its elegance and guys promptly got to work. There was a lot of dust bur except that, guys kept resulting mess to the minimum. My hardwood flooring contractors in Chicago were very precise as well so I ended up with floors smooth as butter. I’m very glad that I decided on PS Floors services as they proved to be real professionals in their line of business.

hardwood flooring contractors in Chicago